Every so often we have a marketing- or news-related view that we feel so strongly about we just can't keep it to ourselves.

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Are too many agencies like James Haskell?

If you’re a rugby fan, you’ll be familiar with the incident. If not, in an attempt to be competitive against a 16 game un-beaten England, the Italian rugby team... read more

Hail President Trump (this was no Hail-Mary)

In our previous thought piece, Think like Bernie & The Donald, we highlighted the communication savvy of Mr Trump... read more

What does M&S know about lingerie?

As part of Marks & Spencer’s chief executive Steve Rowe’s strategy to put customers “at the heart of M&S”, the company revealed... read more

LON-DONE? Or a $1.40 buying opportunity?

The London housing market is clearly cooling. New homes builders have piled-in and high, with a resultant over-supply... read more

Think like Bernie & The Donald

Q. Just how have two political mavericks captivated the US presidential primaries?... read more

Critics are like eunuchs in a brothel...

They know how it’s done, they’ve seen it done every day, but they’re unable to do it themselves – Brendan Behan... read more

How to sell to the Chinese...

Selling luxury, new-build London properties to the Chinese can be tricky... read more

Do housebuilders need to ‘do a Sonny Bill’?

Branding is not just a case of portraying an organisation’s image... read more

Are you ready for the Government’s next housebuilding giveaway?

From April 6 2015 those over 55 are free to do as they please with their pension pots... read more

THE Christmas Sale: slash 20% off your media costs

A compelling proposition, isn’t it?... read more

Are UK grocery retailers off their trollies?

They are losing market share and shareholder value hand over fist, so what do UK grocery retailers do?... read more

A timely reminder from Marc Worth

Marc Worth sold his fashion-trend forecasting business, WGSN, for £140m in 2005... read more

Time for the 'B'-word

With news of slowing mortgage approvals and house sales, you could hear an emphatic “b****cks”, echo through housebuilders’ boardrooms up and down the country... read more

Thank You Nigel Farage

Love him or hate him, as marketers one thing we should thank Nigel Farage for is reminding us how to develop successful campaigns. So, what can we learn from UKIP’s success? Quite simply, they’ve followed a classic four-step approach, which we’d all do well to reflect on when developing our brand differential and tactical campaigns... read more

Avoiding the '3 Cons of Housebuilding'

We’ve talked about the creative convention of housebuilders’ marketing communication. How convention = convergence = confusion amongst consumers.

So, isn’t it about time the art of copywriting was taken seriously within the sector and its agencies? This is the most emotive of purchases, after all... read more

How Does Porn Improve Your Advertising?

Property porn that is.

We’re a nation obsessed with it.

Yet we rarely see photography in housebuilders’ marketing communications that we drool over.

You wouldn’t expect Bentley to use a ‘snap’ taken by a show-room Saturday boy. So, why should housebuilders take short cuts on photography when the average cost of one of their homes is more than a Mulsanne? This must be seen as an investment, rather than a cost. It is the product that is being sold, after all... read more

Why your advertising is a waste of money

How many times has your agency told you: “It’s all about ‘what, where and how much’”?

Furthermore, ads contain the seemingly familiar: a visual of a house or street scene (portrayed like everyone else’s), with headlines plucked from the same headline book that’s been doing-the-rounds since the days of Prowting!

In short, they follow a convention... read more

Should housebuilders learn from the Labour party?

As the reporting season confirms the huge sales impact of Help to Buy, thoughts now turn to consider the effect on future sales growth, as Help to Buy 2 extends to second-hand properties. What Help to Buy market share will second hand help itself to?

But do Labour’s Ed Milliband, along with Sainsbury’s Justin King and the eponymous Jamie Oliver offer single-minded strategic guidance?.. read more

Set 'satisfaction' not 'sales' as your criterion of success

Headlines proliferate of dramatically increasing sales for volume housebuilders.

The 'double-winy' of pent-up demand and financial assistance, via Help to Buy, is making them appear universally successful... read more

Goodwill to all men?

'Tis the season of Christmas advertising convention amongst UK retailers – or should we call it the British Superbowl – as they try to out-entertain each other in order to gain more than their fair share of our purses and wallets by producing the ultimate fairy-tale yuletide TV fantasy... read more

Campaign for housing in later life = retirement homes?

Whilst the HBF's 'Campaign for Housing in Later Life' identifies the 'need' (desire to downsize), does it offer the 'solution' (specialist retirement housing)? Indeed, does its own research by Demos actually suggest less of a panacea approach, and a profitable niche for volume housebuilders? The case for moving and downsizing is emphatic, with 76-per-cent... read more

Are housebuilders reaping the lucrative rewards of the golden generation?

MMS strategic director Andy Walton asks whether housebuilders are simply overlooking the housing aspirations of the UK's wealthiest target group... It's a fact that the UK – along with other developed nations – has a population which is ageing at a phenomenal rate. The baby boomers, those now in their 50s and 60s, are... read more