Cartwright Homes

Creating a desirable and memorable positioning.

Croudace Homes | MMS case study

How do you compete against the PLCs, when you’re a small housebuilder and completely outspent?

You do it by focusing on what makes you different; and how that differentiates you against the PLCs; then articulating that simply and memorably.

So, if you build properties that are different site-by-site and further offer substantial opportunities to personalise those properties, focus on that. It’s certainly not the offer of a national housebuilder and crucially is exactly what individual purchasers want.

So the notion of a housebuilder, creating like an artist, producing individual creations, fitted perfectly for Cartwright. And so, the ’art’ of housebuilding is now owned by Cartwright.

Simple. Motivating. Memorable

  • Small regional housebuilder
  • Need for competitive positioning
  • Need for a big, campaignable idea
Cartwright Homes | MMS case study