Guild Homes

Why not all housebuilder websites must necessarily be the same...

Guild Homes | MMS case study

For a lot of smaller housebuilders, the convention is to strive to appear like one of the ‘big boys’, and often falling far short.

In the case of Guild Homes, it was obvious that this company couldn’t be any further from trying to copy a builder of greater size.

So it proves ironic that, by applying this ethos to their website and marketing collateral, ultimately it elevated the brand above that of other builders of a similar size.

Strong focus on emphatic location photography and detailed information about characterful properties provided the perfect platform to build a website that still matches the expectations of modern web users indoctrinated by the mechanics of property portals.

As a result, the combination of traditional values and modern mechanics provides this regional builder with a true sense of differentiation from their contemporaries.

  • Local, regional housebuilder
  • Combines traditional values with contemporary user experience
  • Importance of quality photography
Guild Homes | MMS case study