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Knockout photography without knockout cost

Jelson Homes | MMS case study

It’s an age-old story – product photography is often neglected due to perceived high cost, especially when anyone nowadays can fancy themselves as a professional snappy.

However, the perception of your product in advertising or online is absolutely crucial, and can mean the difference between consumers buying into your brand, or the brand next door that’s actually doing it well.

To take the cost issue out of the equation, we provided Jelson Homes with a streamlined service which cuts a lot of the fat out of traditional photography services.

From a very specific brief, contact sheets are narrowed down to four-to-five key ‘hero’ shots, and then elevated through post-processing.

Colour levels are optimised, sky, brickwork and landscaping improved, and any problem objects erased to arrive at the desired result.

What this gives is highly presentable product photography, at a fraction of the cost of suppliers who will shoot hundreds of shots (most of which are never used) which is reflected in their pricing.

  • Medium-sized, regional housebuilder
  • Improvement of consumer-facing product photography
  • Streamlined service that minimises cost
Guild Homes | MMS case study
Guild Homes | MMS case study