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Jelson builders' tea campaign

Jelson Homes | MMS case study

Jelson’s builders’ brew campaign:

What does a good cuppa, a handful of mathematics students and an algebra equation have to do with housebuilding?

Creative PR, of course that cuts through the diminishing property pages and into the all-important news sections of print media as well as broadcast.

Jelson Homes asked students from the University of Leicester to try and dispel the myth that UK builders still enjoy a strong, sweet brew and then from research, provide the equation for the perfect cup of tea behind the closed doors of home.

Equation done, to say that it stirred up a drop of press coverage was an understatement. After securing pieces in all regional titles, BBC Radio Leicester and Central TV also covered the story, interviewing both the students and Jelson’s builders.

And the result? UK builders are a healthier bunch than originally thought, with sugar no longer required!

Jelson Homes Tea PR | MMS case study