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Home made sausage charity campaign

Jelson Reach | MMS case study

Linden Homes’ tucks into charity with a home-made sausage house:

When Linden Homes West Midlands committed to donating food parcels to a homeless charity in Birmingham, little did it think that a tasty photo opportunity would secure the company a great story in the region’s biggest newspaper. But that’s exactly what happened!

Utilising the skills of a Linden Homes apprentice who constructed a 4ft x 4ft wooden house, MMS’s creative PR team created a home of sausages to handover to the charity St. Basils, along with the much-needed food parcels.

In fact, 150 cooked sausages, four potato waffles, a flap jack, a handful of chocolate stars and 350 cocktail sticks later and the house was complete.

Linden and St. Basils were delighted with the home and the subsequent press coverage in the all-important news section of the Birmingham Mail, which helped to raise awareness of the charity as well as the developer.

For Linden Homes, gaining press coverage in the heart of the newspaper is always the brief because, in short, there is no property section! This simple yet creative photo opportunity raised smiles on the streets of Birmingham and caught the eye of the picture desk too.

Following the photo story being published, Linden’s existing and new customers commented that they had seen the now-famous ‘sausage house’ in the newspaper with comments such as “amazing” and “interesting” to “what a great link with the charity.”

All in all, positive PR that caused tongues to wag for all the right reasons.

Linden Homes Sausage PR | MMS case study